Between The Lines

Posted Saturday, May 11th, 2013

By Glyn Pooley
Announcing BETWEEN THE LINES Exhibition at Art Central, Barry Town Hall, 16th April to 11th May 2013.
Now comprising more than 50 inspirational people from our community, BETWEEN THE LINES will be on show at Art Central, Barry Town Hall from April 16th to May 11th. Since the first exhibition at Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay in June 2012 the BETWEEN THE LINES network of motivating and intriguing Welsh people has expanded to include people such as Dr Rowan Williams, Rt. Hon. Carwyn Jones, Molly Conway, Stan Stennett M.B.E. Dilys Colburne M.B.E., Professor Baroness Finley of Llandaff, Steve Brace and Professor. Deirdre Beddoe.
BETWEEN THE LINES is a unique project conceived by Barry artist Glyn Pooley where, through the medium of art, a unique record of community life in Wales, particularly Barry, has been documented.
In 2011, with Barry as the focal point, Glyn commenced a series of portraits of people he met every day who he felt had a positive impact on their community. During intimate conversations with each person Glyn would draw their portrait and take a black and white silver gelatin photograph of each participant. Each person was invited to write a short profile of their lives, offer a written message and recommend another living person who they knew personally who they believed had made an outstanding contribution to the community at large, and was an inspiration in their lives. Glyn would then meet and draw the new people who had been recommended and so the process would repeat itself creating a web of interactions which map our community spirit. The intension is for the project to expand organically, being as diverse and open as possible.
The project aims to show how strong the Welsh community is and shine a light on the people, and their values, that shape the community we live in. BETWEEN THE LINES has revealed that we are all interconnected; bonded by our community, our contribution and our shared humanity. It shows that we should be proud of our local Welsh Community.
We encourage as many people as possible to come along to the exhibition to learn about their community and experience the messages shared by those who have taken part in the project so far.
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