Ric-a-do – Small World Theatre

Small World Theatre hosted a fun, entertaining and informative day to celebrate The Gwanwyn Festival 2011.  These two events happened on 20th May in Cardigan and gave the public an opportunity to meet up in a friendly, comfortable venue, join in with a traditional Welsh sing-along, enjoy a tasty lunch and get involved with ‘Bogus’, an interactive play by Small World Theatre.

Mansel Kedward and Roland Emmanuel make up Ric-a-do.  They had an audience of 40 + participating in the Welsh language, enjoying the special experience of singing along together accompanied by the guitar, banjo and mandolin. This was an opportunity to find out more about our heritage and language through Welsh folk music and it was particularly well supported by a local group of Welsh learners.  Another section of the audience were residents at a local nursing home and they recognised many of their favourites songs from church/ chapel and social gatherings. 

 We asked the public if they would like to lunch together and organised homemade soup and artisan bread for those that booked in advance.

Small World Theatre performed ‘Bogus‘ in the afternoon, an interactive play that used actors and masked performers to take a humorous look at bogus callers.  The audience watched 3 scenarios unfold on stage.  The stories were acted a second time, but this time the public was invited to shout out their suggestions and ways to outwit the hustlers.  The audience were brilliant and responded well to the actors.  One participant felt she should get on the stage to show the main character, Molly, where she was going wrong.