Undy & District Arts Demonstration

During the month of May, the Undy & District Art Society hosted the Gwanwyn Festival, by organising four free Art Demonstrations, open to the public on Wednesday evenings. The professional artists were all Monmouthshire based. Jantien Powell demonstrated how to work in Oil pastels and Ink, while Wildlife Artist Howard Jones demonstrated in pastels. Local artist Rosalind Kelly who specialises in American Folk Art brought examples of her work, and demonstrated the techniques used to create folk art, while Anthony Skates shows visitors how to prepare and create a still life using acrylics. On the afternoon of Wednesday 11th May, visitors were welcomed to an ‘Open Studio’ of the Art Society, when they could watch members working and view a small exhibition of work. The Undy & District Art Society always welcome visitors and/or new members, and if you would like any further information then please contact Joyce Hart on 01633 882 331 or Avril Hunt on 01633 880 467