Arts Care Gofal Celf - Weave (Carmarthen)

Type of Event: Multi Art Performance

Weave with textiles in this fantastic interactive arts project – bring the knitting nancy to life through the movement of weaving.

Learn knitting and weaving techniques whilst being part of a body knitting circle.  Experience being one of the pegs on the loom and help create a giant weaved structure as the fabric is woven around the human pegs to music in an interactive piece of movement.

For those interested in performance you could get the opportunity to create a dance using the woven structure and perform this during a final sharing.  Alternatively you could concentrate on the creation of the woven structure.  Make the project your own, lets weave.

Come and have a go, no experience necessary.  It’s fun for anyone over 50 and FREE.


  • Saturday 30th May 2015


Nott Square, Carmarthen

Start time:

11:00 AM


2 hours




Event will be delivered in English


Telephone: 01267 243815


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