Celebrating creativity in older age

2022 Festival

Gwanwyn 2022: Celebrating creativity in older age

Gwanwyn is a month-long national festival held across Wales in May each year celebrating creativity in older age.

Called Gwanwyn, the Welsh word for Spring, the festival celebrates creativity in older age and highlights our ability to renew, grow and create. The festival began in 2007 and is supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government.

The festival offers opportunities for older people to become involved in arts and creative activities either as practitioners, organisers or audience members. Gwanwyn also helps older people to recognise the benefits that being creative can bring to their health and well-being.

The theme for the Gwanwyn festival in May 2022 is ‘Connection’. 

The COVID-19 pandemic severed connections between families and friends, increasing levels of loneliness and isolation. As restrictions ease, we wanted to celebrate how creativity can lead to new or re-established social connections.

We will be welcoming remote activities as well as in-person events. These could be online workshops where participants can try creative activities from home, or organised indoor or outdoor events: provided they are fully compliant with Government regulations.

As ever, Gwanwyn aims to challenge preconceived and stereotypical ideas of ageing and older people and, at the same time, encourage artists throughout Wales to reflect the lives of older people and the communities in which they live.

To list an event or activity as part of Gwanwyn Festival 2022, please fill in the Event Information Form or email gwanwyn@agecymru.org.uk.

Please email gwanwyn@agecymru.org.uk to receive the latest updates about the festival this year. 

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