First two panels going to print

Posted Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Well, after months of research and many late nights at the computer and drawing pad the first two panels for the walls of Seren Unit are on there way to print. The first panel is 3.5 metres along and is packed full of images from around the Rhondda. They have been picked out of the Rhondda Digital Archive, donations from local photographers, images I’ve taken on my roaming around the Rhondda, the archives of AM Leighton Andrews and many more – all of whom will be acknowledged at the unit for the contributions.

The panel gives an outline of a panarama with the images appearing where the land would be, and a blue sky above. This has been overlayed with short positive affirmations that the staff have been using on the ward notice board to improve morale. In case I haven’t described that well enough I’ve attached a picture.

Working with Pentagon design in Bridgend, Derryl the designer has upsized all the photographs for us and worked up the design to print on the vinyl panelling.

Here are some close ups of the images included in the panel (as its quite hard to see from this mock up!).

Next post will describe the second panel! Looking forward to an installation date in the very near future.