Gwanwyn Clubs

Gwanwyn Clubs are a series of weekly sessions led by experienced artists introducing participants to activities that are maybe a little more adventurous or challenging than they would ordinarily engage with. The aim is to smash the stereotype that activities for older people are sedate, traditional and dull, and to open up new, exciting opportunities, encouraging older people into active, creative and self-perpetuating communities.


Gwanwyn Clubs Swansea digital artwork

‘It inspires you, you know. Motivates you. It’s a reason to get out of the house and do things. It’s very easy to slip into a routine of not doing anything, but coming here means I get to see my friends and maybe learn something new.’ Gwanwyn Clubs participant.

‘It was absolutely terrifying, but I knew I had to do it. I’ve been through enough to realise that you might not get another chance to try something, so you might as well have a go. I’m glad I did it. I realised that this really has the power to bring people together.’ Gwanwyn Clubs participant

We’ve run Gwanwyn Clubs in Aberystwyth, Caernarfon, Swansea and Newport, all with the aim of creating sustainable, creative groups for the 50 plus community.  We have seen the impact of providing opportunities for creativity and growth for older people across Wales and are committed to continuing to deliver these through the Gwanwyn Festival and the cARTrefu arts in care homes project.


Look out for creative opportunities near you this May!