Kitty’s Swingin’ Big Band – Come and Play!

Posted Friday, May 10th, 2013

Title: Kitty’s Swingin’ Big Band – Come and Play!
Date: Friday 10th May 2013
Location: Panteg Club, Greenhill Rd, Griffithstown NP4 5BE
Time: 18.15pm
Cost: free

Big Band workshop with Kitty’s Little Big Band. This is a free event for retired people and over 60’s. This is an opportunity to play with a big band, performing jazz and swing. The workshop encourages people who perhaps used to perform as part of a band, or people who would like to try performing with a band. There will be a selection of tunes that we run through in the workshop, ranging from easy (beginner level players) to more advanced tunes (for music readers and people who have previously worked in bands). Also inviting people to just come and listen!

Tel: 07806 625717