Tactile Art

Following the success of the In Your Mind’s Eye project at Llandough Hospital, Gwanwyn Festival was asked to help with a plan to use tactile art in Llandough’s new mental health unit.

tactile-art-project1We initiated a partnership with the Cardiff School of Art and Design to engage third year art and design students in a competitive project to design tactile art, and after a competitive and inspiring submission process, the commission was awarded to a team comprising Adam McGee-Abe, Joseph Simon Murray and Elizabeth Alison.

The artists spent a period researching issues surrounding use of tactile art in dementia care settings, then finalized the design and began work on the final piece, entitled Gwanwyn.  Colour theory and pattern impact were taken into account to create a positively engaging and enjoyable experience. The finished work is composed of a variety of 3d recognition stimuli that can be used to give memories the opportunity to arise. Patients, families, staff members and carers can then use the artwork to create narratives together.

The final work was officially unveiled at Llandough Hospital in June 2013 and was installed on the ward a month later.

emrys-williams-gwanwyn-oil-and-wax-on-canvasAdditionally, Emrys Williams’ painting, commissioned for Gwanwyn in 2011, is now on display at the hospital. This is the painting’s new home after its tour to seven art galleries across Wales in 2012/13.

Our relationship with Llandough goes from strength to strength. We aspire to cement the use and installation of art in health care settings and continue to support the development of an art gallery on site.