Volunteers needed to join our Culture Club and help isolated older people visit cultural sites across Wales

Posted Friday, February 25th, 2022

Pilot scheme to start in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

Age Cymru is seeking volunteers who are passionate about our cultural sites such as museums, public art works, and parks, to join our newly formed Culture Club and support isolated older people to visit and enjoy such sites.

The main aims behind Culture Club, funded by the Welsh Government, are to build the confidence of isolated older people, help them to make new friends, and encourage them to get out and about to safely enjoy our many cultural sites, with the help of a friendly volunteer.

The volunteers may travel with the older people, or they may meet them at the site, whichever suits both parties best. The volunteers, who will receive training from the Charity, will be matched with between one and four older people for monthly meet-ups.

Culture Club will initially run a pilot project in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan during springtime before extending the project into other parts of Wales later in the year.

Age Cymru’s Kelly Barr, who will oversee the project, says “We know that lots of older people are living lonely and isolated lives and although many of them are interested in our cultural sites, they do not have the confidence to visit them on their own.

“This lack of confidence has, for many, been made worse by the pandemic with some older people shielding and not visiting their usual places of socialisation.  We hope that Culture Club can be the kick start they need to get back out into their communities and start enjoying many of our cultural sites once more.”

If you feel like you may benefit from either joining, or volunteering, with Culture Club please email kelly.barr@agecymru.org.uk or call 029 2043 1555.