Welcome to this blog

Posted Friday, July 15th, 2011

Welcome to this blog. Over the coming months I will be documenting the creation of a large oil painting to celebrate Gwanwyn’s fifth anniversary.The painting will aim to embody ideas about renewal and creativity, as well as referring to  “spring”  as a metaphor and a subject that has been treated in earlier art. These images are first ideas,  beginning exploring the image of a tree with objects placed within it; there are also reactions to the Botticelli painting “Primavera” which is in the Uffizi.The painting is a great exploration of the theme and will underpin the development of my painting in different ways.There are images of at least one hundred and ninety flowers in the painting; this idea appeals to me and in making drawings I began to explore flower forms.

The images presented are first thoughts and the beginning of a journey.I hope you enjoy looking at them and please feel free to comment or ask questions at any stage in this process.