Knitted Music - Strumble Head Soundscape 

Type of Event: Music Workshop

Jobina Tinnemans is a Pembrokeshire-based composer. Her contemporary compositions are inspired by the majestic Welsh landscape that surrounds her. For MATA festival NYC she composed a work using prepared knitting needles as part of the performing ensemble. Knitting stitches with these needles trigger the mercurial sounds of nature and wildlife she recorded and composed in her computer.

In this workshop Jobina will talk about how this idea came about and her experiences of working with local knitting communities in Wales and New York in preparation for the concert. There are 8-10 places available for knitters of any ability to work with the prepared needles and with the timing certain stitches generate whilst knitting. This timing is important for Tinnemans' knitted music. You will hear how your knitting will trigger the sound of either wind or sea, be a single voice in a flock of squawking gannets, rustling of leaves. As a group together an entire natural soundscape will appear.

Strumble Head is a coastal natural gem situated in South West Wales, defined by its majestic cliffs. This soundscape music will feature undulating rhythms of waves dramatically crashing against cliffs smashing into foaming peaks, the sub-aquatic melodies of porpoise song carrying far into the unknown deep, the mechanical murmuring of the lighthouse bringing home safe the sailors of many a folk tale.


  • Saturday 16th May 2015


Wales Millennium Centre
Bute Place, Cardiff, CF10 5AL

Start time:

11:30 AM


2 hours




Event will be delivered in English