Writing Your Memories - Theatr Gwalia

Type of Event: Writing Workshop


A special Gwanwyn workshop for older people to share their stories at Carnegie House in Bridgend followed by performance.

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your stories? A Local writer wants to hear from you if you want to get them down on paper or ensure they are passed on. 

Bring a story with you or think of one on the day. It could be your first day at school, your wedding day, your family past, the day you were born or something that’s full of humour and you want to get down on paper. Capture your story any way you like - write it down or create voice recordings, letters, poems, key words.

Bring objects, photos or items of clothing to prompt reminiscence and provide inspiration. You can also bring a friend or family member if you would like to preserve your story together. The writer will be on hand to guide and help you discover your story and in the evening there will be an informal reading by actors of all the stories that day that an audience can attend.

For more information about the day contact theatrgwalia@gmail.com
Open to the public


  • Saturday 21st May 2016


Carnegie House (the old library), Bridgend

Start time:

10:00 AM


All day


Workshop free, performance £3