‘Forget-me-Not’ Chorus serves up food-themed concert in Caerphilly Castle

Posted Monday, May 11th, 2015

A UNIQUE food-themed performance by a choir made up of people living with dementia and their families is taking place at Caerphilly Castle on 14 May.

The Forget-me-Not Chorus’s appearance in the castle’s banqueting hall is part of a Wales-wide arts festival for older people, called the Gwanwyn Festival.

Singing waiters from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama feature as special guests.

Kate Woolveridge – the accomplished mezzo-soprano and vocal animateur, who leads the chorus, says:

“The Forget-me-Not Chorus supports people with dementia and their families through weekly singing and creative workshops.

“We aim to empower both people with dementia and their families to use their voice in song to express themselves and to use the power of music to provide an escape from the everyday caring routine.

“We’re all really looking forward to this concert at Caerphilly Castle which promises to be a highlight in the choir’s history and a positive experience for us all of being together.”

This is the first time the Forget-me-Not Chorus has been on the festival’s bill, as Emma Robinson, Gwanwyn’s Coordinator says:

“I’m very excited that Gwanwyn Festival and the Forget-me-Not Chorus are finally working together.

“It is a privilege to have such an ambitious and pioneering organisation that shares similar aims and ambitions as the Gwanwyn Festival on this year’s bill.

“Art – in any shape of form that meets our own individual tastes, is something that we should be able to enjoy, appreciate and take part in at any stage of life.

“This performance promises to be one that will make quite an impact on everyone who experiences it –ether by taking part in it or as a spectator, and I can’t wait to see it served up on 14 May.”