Bryn Gobaith – Hope Hill

A new Welsh language play “…powerful, moving and often comic”

Megan has lived on her own since her husband died twenty years ago. She’s strong minded, independent and a survivor. After a bad fall in her bedroom, she has to go into a care home. The rapid change in her once she’s there alarms her family. The past and the present get jumbled, and soon everyone says, “She’s off with the fairies”.

Dafydd, her grandson, refuses to accept this. They just shouldn’t write her off so easily. He’s sure that somewhere inside her the flame still burns brightly, and he’s determined to find it. So he goes with the flow of her memories, talks to her, and tries to connect her with the present. As he does so, he uncovers some disturbing possibilities. Are the care home staff abusing her? Is one of their family trying to get at her savings?

Dafydd’s fight to bring his Nan back takes us on a powerful, moving and often comic journey – and one that could happen to any of us.